The Patent Box

The Patent Box tax relief is the Government’s way of rewarding companies that are driving innovation. The aim is to encourage the development of new patented inventions in the UK. If your company is making a profit on your patented inventions, you will be eligible for a lower effective corporation tax rate of 10% on your relevant profits. This will save your company money and allow you to invest in future innovation.

If you are eligible for the Patent Box tax relief, it is likely that you are also eligible for R&D tax relief. Our team of experts are here to help – just give us a call!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who qualifies for the Patent Box tax relief?

Your company will qualify for relief if:
• You own patents, or
• You own an exclusive licence to exploit a patent
• It’s a UK, specific EEA country or EU patent (& certain other rights)

What is HMRC’s role?

HM Revenue & Customs created capital HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) created the Patent Box legislation to encourage UK businesses to invest further in innovation.
We would not generally request any information from HMRC to process your claim, and generally find that the required information is more readily available from our clients and their advisers.

Our report has been specifically formatted for HMRC purposes and we believe that this has a large part to play in the fact that historically less than 1% of claims submitted to HMRC have generated the need for a further enquiry.

HMRC are very used to processing these claims. Our specialist advisers liaise with them daily, on your behalf, and in the unlikely event of any issues being raised, it is part of our commitment to you to resolve these at no extra cost.

What can I claim for?

The Qualifying income includes:

  • Sale of patented items or those that incorporate a patent.
  • Licence fees.
  • Proceeds from sale of patents.
  • Compensation income from infringement ownership rights.

Excluded income

  • Income from regular activities (that is income earned regardless of patent rights).
  • Income from marketing asset return (that is income earned from branding rather than technological innovation).

It sounds too good to be true. Are there any hidden costs?

We charge no up-front fees, and should we fail to identify a claim we will not charge you at all.

We do not charge any submission fees so there will be no surprises when it comes to your claim being filed with HMRC. 

We also offer all clients 6-year report protection as part of our service.

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